A special bag to pickup the waste in Gozo thanks to our partner Victor Budo!

This mesh bag has been made for picking up the plastic and other waste in the water and on the land in Gozo. The first test was very interesting. Even if it still needs some little improvements, it works perfect. The next step is to make 50 of them and to distribute them to the diving centers.

Our partner in this is Victor Budo who makes also our jiu-jitsu gis. Victor wanted to support our action so he will make these bag for us. To thank him we will display his logo on our website. Thank you Victor!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for everybody in Gozo

A special event will be hold at the new place for BJJ GOZO.

200 square meters dedicated to jiu-jitsu and healthy lifestyle! Don’t miss it. It is very well located: Triq Jannar in Xaghra (close to the church, on the left when you face it)

When is the event? The 1st & 2nd October 2017 from 6pm to 9pm (both days).

The entrance is free, everything is free! You can try as much as you want. It is for everybody, women, men and children. There will be music, fruit juices and lot’s of fun. This space is dedicated to improve health and lifestyle and is a part of the new sport program of WAAO called « be water… »

Stay tuned!

Comino Cleanup was a success!

Photo: Alain Salvary

We were looking forward for this cleanup, we did it last Saturday September 2nd 2017: we came back with a great motivation to stay united, to expand the idea that plastic can be recycled on a community scale, beyond the cleanups. We can add value to an almost unlimitted « raw material », participate in the end of petroleum based plastics and move to biobased plastics. France and UK now plan to stop selling petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, end  even better: « Leaders of the UK, US, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the EU urge all countries to join them in eliminating support for coal, oil and gas in a decade » (https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/may/27/g7-nations-pledge-to-end-fossil-fuel-subsidies-by-2025). The shift in consciousness and habits is slow but it is planetary. For this cleanup there were people from South Africa, Italy, France, England… And Gozo !

A Big THANK YOU to all the volunteers and the waste department of the Ministry for Gozo (MGOZ-DPD) who does a very good job. We are glad to participate in this, on top of the work of the Waste Department staff, our action this last Saturday was more about picking up the plastic around Blue Lagoon, in the water, Cominoto and Santa Maria. The number of waste was less than expected, and that is very encouraging. There is still a significant amount of plastic. We can say that the situation in Gozo is better than few years ago. This is thanks to the work of all the NGOs in coordination with the waste department (MGOZ-DPD). People seem to be more aware of the plastic problem, and our next step is to suggest a local recycling thanks to a machine we are about to build (a shredder) and a crowdfunding campaign (https://www.gofundme.com/green-up). So stay tuned and if you want to participate or just follow and like us on our WAAO facebook page & group. You can also visit our website www.waao.eu to see our blog and all the details of our action. Thank you all for your support, lets carry on, this is only the beginning!

François Deniau

Gozo Youth Council with WAAO!

A big thank you to Ryan Mercieca and all the team of GYC (Gozo Youth Council) to welcome us in the new premises where we will be able to show the first machine (the shredder) we are about to built!

Stay tuned and share with us this exciting adventure for the greater good of Gozo and beyond…

A new clean up project in August!

 We have some work!

The clean up will be in Comino as we noticed the savage garbage incrising.

 Still surprising to see that…

 The clean up will be associated with a fun « Swim & Run » that consist to combine a swim with a bare foot run around blue lagoon!

 The WAAO boat is ready!

Thank you to join us. You can ask for more details by sending a mail to info@waao.eu

Plastic awareness in one of the most touristic place of Malta & Gozo: Ramla beach

The festival is over but we continue our action here. I slept in the gazebo and after few days I feel a bit tired but still excited by the idea. The display as been improved and placed on a strategic place:

Le festival est fini mais nous continuons notre action. J’ai dormi dans le gazebo et après plusieurs jours je me sens un peu fatigué mais excité par cette idée. Le panneau a été amélioré et placé à un endroit stratégique:

It is impossible to miss it. As soon as it was installed in this new spot people start to look at it. Some spend few seconds to watch it, others read carefully. We noticed that women spent more time to read!

C’est impossible de le manquer. Dès qu’il a été installé les gens on commencé à regarder. Certains juste quelques secondes, d’autres passent plus de temps à lire. Noux avons remarqué que les femmes y consacrent plus de temps!

 Awareness is important…


A good start for the Green Up campaign!

First we set up our gazebo in a festival (the Sunscape Festival, that hold its third edition with more than 40 musicians) in a quite remote and beautiful place: Ramla Bay. The organisators of the festival welcomed us in the area of the festival called the « Satori Fields » (see photo above). D’abord nous avons installé notre gazebo dans le « sunscape festival » qui en était à sa 3ème édition dans un lieu reculé et magnifique: la baie de Ramla. Les organisateurs nous ont accueillis dans la partie appelée « Satori Fields » (voir photo ci-dessus).

We also did an expo called Ocean Garbage. Nous avons aussi fait une petite expo appelée « Ocean Garbage »    We explained to the public our purpose: not only to do clean ups but also to recycle the plastic and build the machines… We had a very good feed back from the public, and for 3 days we have been active in talks, meeting new people and being part of the community, a cause around environment protection. Nous avons expliqué au public le but de notre action: il ne s’agit pas seulement de faire des nettoyages mais aussi de recycler le plastique et de construire les machines… Nous avons eu un très bon retour du public, avec 3 jours très actifs dans les discussions, les rencontres, et le fait de faire partie d’une communauté, d’une cause autour de la protection de l’environnement.


Welcome to WAAO!

Any idea to make this world the place it deserve to be?

Lets share our dreams, everything comes from our deepest thoughts, like a seed it has the potential to grow…

We Are All One!

Remerciements: les habitants de Gozo, les ONG, le ministère de Gozo et aussi à toutes les personnes qui par leur action individuelle oeuvre pour notre planète

Crédit photo: Alain Salvary


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