WAAO stands for We Are All One. It is a Non Govermental Organisation (NGO) located in Gozo, Malta. Here is its administrative address:

WAAO, NGO Center, Il-Madonna tar-Rummiena Street                       Xewkija, Gozo – Malta                                                                                                   XWK 9082

Its aim is to raise awareness about plastic in the ocean, a healthy lifestyle trough physical activities, nutrition and connection with nature. It gather people around events such as cleanups and participate in a plastic recycling project.

We are connected to all the NGO network in Gozo and Malta. By definition WAAO is based on a Community sharing. We gather and take action regardless of any political party, religion or philosophy. We are just people who want to participate in a better world, by starting to reverse the plastic pollution. It is never too late!

Thank you for joining us, it can start by a good intention, good thoughts towards our planet!

Administration of waao

François Deniau (president), master degree in sports sciences (risks analysis in freediving incidents & accidents), instructor in freediving, judo and bjj

Marc Schembri (secretary), master in Economy & sociology (specialist of Islands Economy)

Alain Salvary (treasurer), photographer and former responsible of the international emergency at the french red cross and project leader for the United Nations

Silvio Hili (consultant), PhD in law

Larry Formosa (consultant), PhD in law

THANK YOU for your support, thanks to the Ministry for Gozo, GUG, GYC and all the habitants of Gozo!

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